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Welcome, friends, to Hickory Ridge Natural Harvest CSA. We are a Community Supported Agriculture program devoted to providing deliciously fresh, locally grown produce and other farm products to families and individuals alike. We have a large variety of tasty veggies, as well as beef, chicken, eggs and pork. Our goal, as a “natural” producer, is to provide our community with the freshest and tastiest food possible, while using sustainable and natural methods of production that protect the environment and enhance healthy living.

We are located in central Pennsylvania, roughly equidistant from Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and Winchester, Virginia. We maintain a small/mid-sized farm focused on raising livestock and growing produce as nature intended.

We provide a wide variety of vegetables – both common and some not-so-common – without the use of chemical additives of any type. We raise grass/ grain fed cattle, chicken and pork, all of which are additive free. This means we give them no unnatural antibiotics, no steroids or growth hormones. We also raise "laying hens" which provide us and our neighbors with wholesome, delicious eggs (some of which are almost the size of tennis balls!).

This is just a brief summary of what we offer. For more information, please see our "Products" page.